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What It's All About

Our Promise and Guarantee to you is that Beautiful Body Laser will make you thinner after EVERY session with the ULTRASLIM or we will pay you $200. Per the FDA, you will lose almost 2 quarts of liquified fat after EVERY session with the ULTRASLIM. And, the best part is, that fat is gone FOREVER!


We will make you thinner in every one of these areas:

1. Stomach and abdomen, get back into those clothes you can't fit into anymore
              - Ladies. Get rid of that 'Mommy tummy' and 'love handles' - return to a flat stomach
                - Men, get rid of your 'love handles', and firm up your pectorals and abs

              - Guaranteed reduction of 'back fat' and bra line
              - Dramatic cellulite reduction - You will be amazed at how much smoother your skin will be

2. Tightens skin ever treatment
               - Eliminates fat pockets around your knees and we also make your ankles thinner
3. Smooth out the body - eliminates creepy wrinkly skin
               - Makes arms thinner, especially those flabby upper arms made quantifiably smaller
4. Reduce age lines around neck --‘Turkey neck’ tightening – diminish ‘crows feet’ lines
               - Reduces facials lines as desired
5. Breast reduction and breast lift
               - Reduce your tush, if you desire

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If you’re not thinner in one hour, Beautiful Body Laser will pay you $200!

Our Promise and Guarantee for your first session with the ULTRASLIM:
Beautiful Body Laser guarantees you will be thinner after your first session with the ULTRASLIM or we will pay you $200. You will be measured before your first session in order to establish a benchmark of your size before treatments. Then you will receive your four treatments in your first session followed by a re-measurement on the same areas measured earlier. You can immediately see how much thinner you are by comparing the before and after measurements. To date, we have treated almost 3,000 clients with the ULTRASLIM and EVERY client has been thinner in one hour.

Our Promise

We CANT Treat You If....

A. You have epilepsy
B. You have active skin cancer
C. You are pregnant or lactating.

If you have paid for an introductory session and have any of these above conditions, please call us at 636.519.7700 for an immediate refund. If your doctor has told you to avoid sunlight, please call us for a review of your prescriptions.

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