Zerona by Erchonia

has Five Laser Heads on rotating axis allow for wide coverage of more body area. The Zerona is specifically designed for Body Sculpting and Contouring. With absolutely NO PAIN the Zerona penetrates beneath the skin to reduce adipose cites (fat cells) in those difficult and stubborn areas.

Vibration Machine and Beautiful Body Vibration Exercise

We offer Whole Body Vibration machines for sale at Beautiful Body Laser. Of course, you are welcome to use the units in our spa, but some folks enjoy having access to one in the privacy of their own where they are free to use it multiple times per day. Vibration therapy is a wonderful way to lose weight and just make yourself feel great!

After every Beautiful Body Laser Treatment you will have 40-60 grams of fat released per treatment into your lymphatic system. You will spend 10 minutes on our whole body vibration machine to assist in the elimination of this fat.

Denny lost in a difficult area in under 2 weeks

Dana lost 3 1/8 inches in her first visit to Beautiful Body Laser