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Struggling with weight loss

struggling with weight loss
struggling with weight loss

Did you wake up this morning with nothing to look forward to? Another day feeling exhausted for no reason at all. Do hate the person looking back at you in the mirror. You’re not alone. Many Americans, and people all over the world suffer from obesity (having a body weight more than 20% greater than recommended for the relevant height). Why is this? Food is plentiful, and is loaded with calories. Fast food is the norm. A burger, fries and a coke. Would you like to up size that and add a Sundae? Or maybe a night out drinking.
In 1970 American’s ate one meal per week at restaurants; yet, by 2000 this had increased to 6 out of 7 meals per week. Restaurants, while they may have some very delicious meals, and it‘s convenient; they also have many meals that are 1000+ calories, and that doesn’t really fit into a 1500 to 2000 calorie per day diet (which is what most doctors say we should eat). Is that the only meal you’re planning to eat that day? Even an occasional restaurant desert might throw off an entire week of moderation. Most restaurants now have an information chart available for reading, which includes the calorie content of their meals, so read it.
But can’t you just do some extra exercise and burn those excess calories that’s a popular misconception. The actual calories burned (400 – 500) by an hour of intense exercise, following or prior to eating a high calorie meal, at a restaurant will most certainly leave you in a calorie surplus. Meaning you will be gaining more calories, than you could possibly burn.
If you are serious about losing weight, then you probably need to change some eating habits. See your doctor and ask for recommendations. Eat the healthy meals at restaurants. Drink moderately, or not at all. Exercise, especially cardio which will also strengthen your heart.
If you’re not losing weight, but you see other signs that you are losing fat, like your clothes are getting loose. Don’t get stuck on the weight number. Consistency is the key. Don’t think one bad meal will be alright. Oh it’s OK, just this once, it’s not like we eat (or drink) this way every day. I’ve heard that many times from people. Bad habit’s all start with “it’s OK, just this one time“. And as always continue to consult with your doctor.