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Water: Under-appreciated Elixir Of Life

water-birdWhile water might be “free,” clear, tasteless, without calories and dull, we still should call it the under-appreciated elixir of life when it comes to good health. Maybe you are having trouble falling asleep, or you feel a touch of cold or a cough coming on, or maybe you ate something that left you queasy, dare we say nauseous, and now you want a quick solution other than giving in to the call of the medicine cabinet. A glass of water might help, and it might not take long to get to work.

According to, the benefits of drinking water extend to maintaining proper pH balance, body temperature and metabolism. It can also help for constipation, heartburn, migraines, gastritis, kidney stones, backache and other afflictions, although a healthcare professional should be consulted if problems such as those persist. Water is not a cure-all, but it can be a part of the solution. That should come as no shock, considering our bodies are 60 percent composed of water.