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10 Commandments (Simple Rules)



Our Guarantee for your first session with the ULTRASLIM

  1. Beautiful Body Laser guarantees you will be thinner after your first session with the ULTRASLIM or we will pay you $200. You will be measured before your first session in order to establish a benchmark of your size before treatments. Then you will receive your four treatments in your first session followed by a remeasurement on the same areas measured earlier. You can immediately see how much thinner you are by comparing the before and after measurements. To date, we have treated almost 1000 clients with the ULTRASLIM and EVERY client has been thinner in one hour.

Sadly, we will not be able to treat you if you have any of the following:

  1. If you have any of the following contrindications we will not be able to treat you and you will be able to get your money back from where ever you bought your ‘Get Acquainted’ offer, due to a medical contrindication:
  1. If you have had active cancer during the past year,
  2. If you have epilepsy
  3. If you are pregnant or lactating


For Best Results:

3. We recommend that from this moment until the time you come in for your first visit that

  1. you begin taking the Supplement Milk Thistle, normally 500mg, 1 to 2 tablets per day
  1. drink at least 64 oz. of AKALINE WATER each day,

b. AVOID drinking ALL alcohol, ALL sodas, and ALL caffeine,

d. and wear a compression garment every night.

For best results please purchase the supplement: Milk Thistle for under $10 and take one or two tablets per day.  If you have hay fever, substitute Niacin for Milk Thistle.  Milk Thistle and Niacin are a natural cleanse for the liver.  For best results, please take one or two tablets per day.

Then, also drink 64 oz. of AKALINE WATER each day always available from Fresh Thyme Markets or Trader Joe’s. 98% of all Americans are acidic because we have too many carbs in our diet. The AKALINE WATER and the Milk Thistle will help cleanse your liver and raise your alkalinity level. The higher you can get your alkaline level, the more fat you will lose with your laser session. You may ALSO purchase AKALINE WATER at Schnuck’s, or Dierberg’s.

Between now and the time you come in for your appointment, PLEASE DO NOT drink any alcohol, any sodas or any caffiene. We’re trying to get your liver as clean as possible in order to have it quickly process the liquified fat.

When To Be Here:

4. Being ON TIME for your appointment is CRITICAL. Typical treatment time is 60 minutes for your first appointment. If you are late for your appointment we will not be unable to complete your 60 minute treatment in your hour time slot. We recommend that you plan to be here at least 10 minutes if not 15 minutes PRIOR to your scheduled appointment. We provide refreshments and good company. If you plan ahead you will avoid issues with “traffic”, weather, unexpected meetings, etc…

5. If you are 15 minutes LATE your appointment is considered MISSED, as this will ruin scheduling for every other patient for the rest of the day. It would be unfair to penalize you for someone else who did not give this appointment a priority, and it would be equally unfair to do the same to someone else should you demonstrate such an issue. If you FAIL to make your appointment we will do everything in our power to make up that appointment. However, it may not be at your usual time slot. Please be flexible and work with us and we will make sure you get all of your treatments. Sadly, if you cancel an appointment on Saturday, there is a $25 charge to get back on the schedule. OR, if you miss or reschedule two appointments in a row there is a $25 charge to get back on the schedule,.

6. On the day of your UltraSlim or laser session, PLEASE DO NOT eat for 1 hours before and 2 hours after your laser session, except for green vegetables, for their alkalinity. You are welcome to drink all the ALKALINE water you want before and after the ULTRASLIM session. Remember, we hope you are detoxing your system with Milk Thistle or Niacin. Also, on the day of your treatment, bathe with a non-glycern soap like Neutrogena or an equivalent no-wax soap as most soaps leave a ‘soapy residue’ on your body that inhibits the laser from effectively shrinking the fat cells. On the day of your laser session, PLEASE do not wear any lotions, creams, oils or deodorant soaps, as these items inhibit the UltraSlim or laser from effectively shrinking the fat cells. The oils in the lotion diffuse the laser thereby lessening the benefits of the Zerona laser.

7. Ladies, please note that the UltraSlim or laser treatments are less effective if you are on your menstrual cycle. Please plan and schedule your appointments accordingly.

What To Wear:

8. Remember the UltraSlim needs to be very close to your skin… so go ahead and wear your tight skirt or tight jeans and let us prove you will be thinner. Plan on exposing the area of skin to the laser, where you want fat loss. You will be in the privacy of our laser room. Please do not wear silk undergarments, they retain heat and may make you uncomfortable.

9. EXERCISE after the laser session — we offer the use of the whole body vibration machine to you for 10 minutes right after your laser session. That 10 minutes gives you the equivalent of 40 minutes on an ellipical machine or a treadmill. It’s also equivalent to jogging for 40 minutes. The whole body vibration machine is excellent for elimination of arthritus pain, fibromyalgia, back pain, and diabetic neuropthy. It also builds muscle mass, bone density and reduces blood sugar. It’s a wonderful machine for any diabetic. This machine is a very time efficient way to exercise. Get 40 minutes of exercise benefit in only 10 minutes!


10. This laser session is a jumpstart to a healthy new lifestyle. With that in mind DECREASE sugar intake, and INCREASE water, fruit, and vegetable intake. AVOID FAST FOODS.

Please call us at 636.519.7700 for any questions